Most power companies charge you a flat rate for power, but Flick Electric is not your usual power company.

Flick can save you money by giving you access to the wholesale cost of power, which changes every half hour. There are off peak times of the day when electricity is cheaper compared to high demand times, like at 6pm when people start arriving home, heating the house and cooking dinner. So when you use power at off peak times, power companies with a traditional flat rate pricing model pocket the difference between what they paid for power at a cheap rate, compared to what you overpaid on their flat rate.

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The electricity industry has become increasingly competitive in recent years as innovative new companies like Flick enter the arena. Increased competition means more choice, however it has also made the process of comparing power companies even more daunting.

Flick’s model is unique. They aim to be honest and transparent, offering fair pricing and handing control over to the customer. Tools like the price needle on their Choice app make the cost of power at any one time available to New Zealanders, meaning you can effectively choose what you want to pay for power by using appliances when the price is right. Flick will also send you notifications when the price is high, so you can manage your power usage appropriately to avoid unexpectedly high bills. You might be suprised to learn however that power prices are low a high percentage of the time.

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The only way to make the most of these low power prices is by avoiding power companies with flat rate pricing models. And the proof is in the pudding. Of those New Zealanders who switched to Flick this past year, the average savings figure was $394, compared to what they would have paid for the same usage with their previous power company.

You can compare power pricing by region and user plan to find out what you could be saving on power with Flick, or join now to guarantee your savings until the end of October. It’s super easy to switch, Flick will look after most of it for you, and with no fixed term contracts, you’re free to switch again at any time if Flick isn’t for you – you’ve got nothing to lose.

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