Clearly, you’ve got good taste in friends.

Your friend let us know that you’re as awesome as them, which means you’ll probably be into #FlickLife. It’s a life made better by paying the fair cost of power, not getting trapped into a fixed term contract, partnering with NZ’s only Consumer Trusted power co and experiencing 96% Consumer satisfaction (we’re disappointed in that missing 4%, but we’re working on it!).

Our friends at the Comedy Festival have given us 8 double passes to their preview screenings of Ricky Gervais’ new cinematic masterpiece, David Brent: Life on the Road, and we want you to have ’em!

To be in to win one of these double passes (2 tickets), all you have to do is join Flick by midnight August 15 2016 using the promo code AMIGO, and you’re in the draw. And to say thanks to your friend, we’ll flick them a double pass too. Screenings are in Auckland and Wellington on August 24; we have 4 double passes to each.

By joining before August 15, you’ll also automatically sign up to our Winter Savings Guarantee, meaning if you don’t save throughout September and October, we’ll pay you the difference between what you paid and what you would have paid with your previous retailer. And because we don’t believe in fixed term contracts, you’re free to switch if #FlickLife isn’t for you (we doubt it). You’ve got nothing to lose.

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*Ts & Cs
All applicants who have been referred by a friend via the Flick website, and who apply to join Flick using the promo code AMIGO by August 15 will be in the draw. Winners will be selected at random on or after August 16 2016 at the full discretion of Flick Electric Co. and notified by email. The prize is 1 double pass (2 tickets) to the August 24 2016 Comedy Festival screening of David Brent: Life on the Road for both the referred and the referrer (2 double passes, 4 tickets total). Screenings will be in Auckland and Wellington and the cost of attendance outside of tickets (transport etc) will be covered in full by the winners. Eight double passes are available, four to the Wellington screening and four to the Auckland screening. Where possible, winners will be offered a choice of location.
Applicants will also be included in the Winter Savings Guarantee promotion.

All customers who apply to join Flick from 31 May 2016 to 31 August 2016 and who have successfully completed switching by 30 September will be included in the Winter Savings Guarantee promotion. From the date the customer joins Flick until 31 October 2016 Flick guarantees customers will save, based on comparing a customer’s Flick plan to their previous retailer’s standard comparable published plan, for their network and metering set up, at the time they joined Flick. Flick include their previous retailer’s prompt payment discount in the calculations, but do not include any potential alternative plans or discounts which are additional to a customer’s old plan. If a customer is moving to a new property, or were with Powershop or Globug (or a handful of other small retailers), Flick will compare a customer’s total spend with Flick against the biggest retailer in the area. The Winter Savings Guarantee promotion excludes existing Flick customers and does not apply if a customer switches away from Flick or has been in Flick’s debt process. Any payments will be made in the month following 30 October 2016.