When you’re making your way through uni with your part time job or your student allowance, every extra dollar counts – so why pay more than you need to for power? With colder nights in rental properties comes heaters, electric blankets and dehumidifiers, so you may associate winter with higher power bills, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

With Flick it’s not about how much electricity you use, but about how you use it.  Most retailers charge a flat rate for power, no matter when you’re using it.  But we give you access to the wholesale cost, which is changing all the time.

Having access to the wholesale market means that you’re exposed to some really low prices (below 12c 88.5% of the time)!  We pass through the market price of power with no mark-up and charge a separate retailer fee, so you can see exactly what you’re paying for. And because winter weather brings low power prices, winter is the best time to maximise the savings the Flick model brings.

Put an end to cold nights at home arguing with flatmates about who’s using their heater all night, taking long showers and making for an astronomical power bill. With our smart tools, you have access to real-time pricing information, giving you control of your power consumption so you can make the most of off-peak pricing and avoid unexpectedly high power bills. We’ll send you alerts when the price gets high; you’ll know the best time to run your dishwasher or switch off the dehumidifier. Your Flick dashboard will allow you to track your savings against your previous retailer (or the leading retailer in your area if you don’t currently have a retailer or you’re with Powershop, Globug or a handful of other small suppliers). You’ll have full transparency on what you’re paying for and how much you’re saving. On average, our customers saved $412 in the past 12 months!

Join Flick before 31 July 2016 and we guarantee you’ll save on power this winter. And if you don’t save, we’ll pay back the difference between what you paid, and what you would have paid with your previous retailer. No fixed term contracts, no sign up fees; you can’t lose! We’ll even break up with your current retailer for you.


Learn more about our Winter Savings Guarantee or call us at 0800 235 425 to speak to a real person.

Ts & Cs
All customers who apply to join Flick from 31 May 2016 to 31 July 2016 and who have successfully completed switching by 31 August will be included in the Winter Savings Guarantee promotion. From the date the customer joins Flick until 30 September 2016 Flick guarantees customers will save, based on comparing a customer’s Flick plan to their previous retailer’s standard comparable published plan, for their network and metering set up, at the time they joined Flick. Flick include their previous retailer’s prompt payment discount in the calculations, but do not include any potential alternative plans or discounts which are additional to a customer’s old plan. If a customer is moving to a new property, or were with Powershop or Globug (or a handful of other small retailers), Flick will compare a customer’s total spend with Flick against the biggest retailer in the area. The Winter Savings Guarantee promotion excludes existing Flick customers and does not apply if a customer switches away from Flick or has been in Flick’s debt process. Any payments will be made in the month following 30 September 2016.