If you’re anything like us here at Flick HQ, you’ll be feeling a little overwhelmed at how fast this year’s going.  Almost in the blink of an eye, winter’s blown on through and we’re now full steam ahead into spring.  Yikes!

For the organised and cleanly people out there, the change from winter to spring heralds the age-old tradition of ‘spring cleaning’ (while the rest of us are hyperventilating at the very thought). That fairly broad umbrella term is most likely to include a thorough scrubbing of the house, vehicles and garden, depending on your penchant for elbow grease.

But once you’ve got those things spick and span – and even if you don’t get quite that far –  spring is also a great time to have a think about those niggly little chores that you never get time to sort. The jobs that probably don’t even make it to your ‘To-Do’ list, because they’re just so far removed from everything else that needs doing RIGHT NOW.

We know, because we have those chores too.  But we’ve decided it’s time to do something about them.  So we’ve taken the liberty of actually, physically putting them on a list so that we can knock them off, once and for all (well, until next spring…)

Here’s our list of the top 5 things we all need to declutter and sort out.  It’ll be worth it, we promise.

  1. Social media: Clear out your list of ‘friends’ on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr and all the rest. Delete the contacts you don’t know, or don’t care to hear from, or who post gym selfies every day.  Be brutal. And while you’re at it, update those profile details and pictures.  That includes your LinkedIn, Tinder and Grinder accounts folks – so get updating.
  2. Devices: Backing up photos, videos and important documents is one of those jobs that lingers on the ‘To-Do’ list for years and yet never seems to get done.  But Murphy’s law says that it’s only a matter of time before your device of choice is either broken, lost, dropped down the loo or stolen.  So you need to get on to it, and pronto.  And honestly, this job takes no time.  Buy yourself an external hard drive, plug it in (if you’re accessing the wholesale price of power with Flick Electric, it’s a good idea to do this at a low demand time to benefit from lower power prices), follow the instructions and leave it to work it’s magic. Done.
  3. Bills and plans:  Check out who your insurance providers are, as well as your internet, pay TV, phone, gas and electricity retailers, and see if you’re happy with the prices you’re paying.  Head over to Powerswitch to find out if you’re getting the best gas and electricity deal for your area – recent stats tells us NZers could have collectively saved $1.5 billion in the past 5 years had we all been with the best electricity provider for us! And check whether you’re on the right user plan for your situation – being on the wrong plan can also be costly.
  4. Email:  If your inbox is full of read or unread emails totalling more than 100 (or if they date back to 2006… guilty!), it’s probably a good time to have a spring clean.  Archive emails you need to keep, flag those of current importance and delete all the rest. While you’re at it, unsubscribe! The digital equivalent of a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign.
  5. Filing cabinet: Clean it out (or seriously consider investing in one if you don’t have one already). Sort all your bills, receipts, invoices and manuals into appropriate folders, and bin those documents that are now redundant (like the warranty for that toaster you got rid of 10 years ago). Keep anything that you might need for tax purposes for 7 years.

If you got this far, then well done!  We hope you get a whole lot of satisfaction from crossing these tasks off your ‘To-Do’ list (we will).  And have a cuppa – that’s spring cleaning done and dusted!

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