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How Rob and Eve from Wanaka are saving on their power bills

Rob and Eve made the change to Flick’s spot price plan, Freestyle, to benefit from off-peak hours and low spot prices

Flick Electric Co. launched into the Wanaka and Queenstown electricity market in November 2016, and since then - and despite a Dry Winter - we’re proud to say that we’ve accrued some very happy Flicksters!

Wanaka couple Rob and Eve Thorp, along with their two young children, joined Flick in December 2016, not long after we launched in their region. Why did we appeal to them? Well, they liked the idea of our spot price plan, Freestyle, which lets them pay the spot price for electricity rather than a set rate, and gives them more control over their power bills.

Did you know that Flick’s Consumer NZ’s Energy Retailer of The Year? If you want access to spot prices, transparent billing, and top-notch customer service, contact Flick today.

Making the most of spot pricing

Rob’s a local banker and volunteer fire brigade officer, while Eve’s a registered nurse and often working shifts, so our Freestyle plan, where customers have access to spot prices on the wholesale electricity market, is ideally suited to their lifestyle. To make the change to #FlickLife, Eve and Rob have adjusted a few simple household tasks so that they’re using their electricity in off-peak times (that’s in the evenings, on weekends and during the middle of the day) when the spot price of electricity is low.

Join Flick Electric and take advantage of the wholesale electricity market

Their #CleverFlicker tips and tricks? Setting their dishwasher on its timer to turn on at 10pm, as well as running the washing machine outside of the peak hours, which fall between 7am - 9am and 5pm - 7pm. With Eve’s shift work as a nurse, the Flick Electric model is proving to be the ideal way for them to buy electricity, allowing them to take advantage of those off-peak hours for other household tasks, like cooking, showering, and heating.

Putting the tools to good use

To make sure they’re being smart with their power use, Rob and Eve use the Flick mobile app and price alerts. That means they can keep an eye on the spot price of power and their usage at any given time, as well as the amount of carbon emissions our energy generation is producing through CHOICE. It also means they know when prices are a bit steep, and they can shift their loads to times of the day when prices have dropped.

If #FlickLife sounds like the life for you, give us a call on 0800 4 FLICK (435 425), or head over to the Flick Electric Co. to sign up online.

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