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Meet our new campaign to help Kiwis take back power

Electric guitars, the gravelly tones of Jon Toogood, and messages that challenge and call for change – meet our latest bold, rebel-charged campaign, Take Back Power.

Drawing on our challenger roots and our innate ‘Give A Flick’ spirit, Take Back Power is inspired by the protest signs and songs of the 70s, 80s and early 90s, and shines a spotlight on the often-underplayed issues with NZ’s electricity market.

It comes off the back of some challenging years for independent retailers and a market that continues to favour the big players over Kiwi consumers. We were founded to fight for fairness, and we continue to do so because at every level, there’s still a fight to be had.

Our Take Back Power campaign reflects this, with messages that mix the anger of those who pay the price of a broken market, with the hope of possibility and change. It’s loud, it’s bold, it’s honest, and it wants one thing for Kiwi consumers: for them to see the light and take back power.

Created with the team at YoungShand, the campaign includes radio advertising, outdoor posters and billboards, and early next year, a television commercial.

The protest space is an authentic and lived one for the entire team at Flick HQ, having long spoken out about energy hardship, petitioned Government for regulatory change, and joined other independents to call out system injustice.

In July 2021 we stopped taking on new customers for around five months following continual, unjustified high prices on the electricity markets. Other independents were forced to take similar steps or close their doors permanently, stripping consumers of retailer choice.

But – we’re still here and, more than ever, we’re committed to helping Kiwis Take Back Power. For us, that means giving consumers choice without limitations, fair power prices without complexity, and the tools to use energy in a way that’s best for Kiwi households and the environment.

It’s what we fight for, and it’s what we offer to our own Flick customers. But we’re in the minority. So it’s time for change. It’s time to Take Back Power.